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Malwarebytes is one of the most trusted names in cybersecurity. Our team of more than 600 malware hunters, software engineers, and security industry veterans has been awarded six patents for our innovative technology. And our tech is validated by the results—millions of folks and businesses worldwide rely on Malwarebytes code to protect what’s important.

Today, threats have mutated far beyond simple viruses. Cryptojackers turn your browser into a bitcoin-mining operation while ransomware locks data files, paralyzing businesses and national infrastructure all over the world. And malicious code is now polymorphic, constantly shape shifting to elude detection by traditional antivirus and their old signature-based technology. Malwarebytes is your first line of defense against malware and hackers

Malwarebytes Incident Response

Malwarebytes Incident Response

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection & Response

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection & Response

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